What to know about Dolph’s coating

Industrial Dolph’s coating is the perfect solution for a wide variety of markets. From automotive and electronics to domestic appliances and industrial applications, Dolph’s coating resins and varnishes are always worth the investment. C Services, an exclusive dealer in the Benelux, has the right expertise about Dolph’s coating resin and varnish. Like no other, we understand the importance of optimal protection during the most demanding working conditions. Read more below and discover our different varieties in Dolph’s coating varnishes and resins.

Our types of Dolph’s coating resin and varnish


Pigmented Dolph’s coating varnish is used on motors, generators and transformers to improve the protection against humidity and any chemical aggression. It also strongly improves the electrical anti-tracking index. With the range of paint producer Albesiano, we have a very complete range of Dolph’s coating resin and varnish. Many different spray cans are also available. In the electronic market segment, the transparent coatings are used mainly to protect fragile or exposed components against the humidity and improve the thermal resistance. A large choice of highly flexible products that are very easy to use are available in the new complete Dolph's coating resins and varnishes portfolio.


Dolph’s coating varnishes and resins are integral components of insulating systems for all classes of rotating equipment, motors and generators. These materials provide environmental protection, vibration reduction and, in some cases, additional dielectric strength. The choice of the right material depends on the end-use application. A representative solution is our Aqua-Therm product range, which includes the following attractive features:

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Excellent impregnability
  • Good overall protection
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Low environmental impact
  • Outstanding bonding properties

The product range of water-borne varnishes is the result of a dedicated team with worldwide experience, true concern for the environment, and substantial safety and technical expertise.

The co-workers of C Services, based in Belgium, can tell you a lot more about Dolph’s coating resins, impregnation and varnishes.

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