Coveme is the best brand for polyester film, coated film and heat stabilized pet film. With more than sixty years of experience, they only develop products of the highest quality. Coveme offers polyester film solutions for various industries. C Services in Belgium is proud to be an official distributor of this renowned brand.

Coveme solutions for the electronic industry

As the most important company for SMT solutions in Belgium, we only collaborate with brands that meet our standards. Naturally, Coveme is one of them. We distribute the following Coveme products to companies in the electronic industry:

  • Photovoltaic backsheets for solar module protection
  • Flexible circuitry films for NFC, RFID and FPC devices
  • High performance facestock engineered films for labels and tags
  • Transfer release films for screen and digital printing
  • Flexible insulation materials for electrical motors, generators, and transformers
  • Biomedical films for biosensors in near patient diagnostics
  • Flexible packaging films for food, luxury, and medical packaging
  • Differentiated industrial application films for loudspeaker membranes, abrasive masses and photopolymeric resins

Of course, we can also provide you with high-quality products of other brands. Are you looking for a suitable coating to protect your equipment? Check out Dolph’s coating varnishes. Would you like to manufacture a high amount of circuit boards in a short time? Then the Electrovert wave soldering systems might be something for you.

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