The standard of a MPM printer

An MPM printer is engineered and built to the highest standards. They are built on a solid foundation of proven technology and incorporate the most successful ideas and systems from prior MPM printer models. From new print head technology to vision system development, today's leading Momentum family of printers are ready to meet the most exacting manufacturing challenges. Discover the offer of C Services, based in Belgium, yourself.

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Momentum II 100

The Momentum II 100 delivers a performance that one would expect to find only in higher-priced printing machines. This hard-working MPM printer utilises the robust, reliable Momentum series platform that has been proven to be at the top of its class in facilities around the world, yet its value pricing makes the Momentum II 100 an incredible bargain. Cost-efficient and featuring a modest footprint, it grows with the user; innovative patented features can be added on or retrofitted as needed as the user’s throughput demands grow.

The Momentum II 100 can accommodate a wide range of PCB sizes from 609.6 mm x 508 mm (24” x 20”) down to is 50.8 mm x 50.8 mm (2” x 2”). Its wet print accuracy is +/- 20 microns @ 6 Sigma, CPK ≥2.0. Tighter performance tolerances mean higher repeatability with fewer defects. Plus, a cycle time of 11 seconds ensures moderate to high throughput for its size. For basic, repeatable printing quality with high yields and true affordability, the Momentum II 100 has no equal.

Numerous patents protect many of the Momentum II 100’s proven features, the result of decades of engineering. These features can be found on other MPM printers as well, including the world-class Momentum series printers. These patented features are your assurance of quality, stability, proven performance, and exceptional value in this hard-working, production-ready printing platform.

Momentum II HiE

The Momentum II Hi-E (for High Efficiency) is a single-rail MPM printer with servo motors, rather than stepper motors, driving the Vision system’s X, Y, and Z axes. Faster than steppers, servos drive the vision gantry at higher speed and thus increase throughput and cut cycle time, making the Hi-E faster than the base Momentum or Momentum+.

Momentum II Elite

The Momentum II Elite is the top-performer of the Momentum series, boasting the highest throughput and shortest cycle times of all. The vision system of this MPM printer is driven by servos for speed, and it’s configured with a highly efficient triple track rail system featuring an input buffer, a central processing section, and an output buffer.

Momentum II BTB
The MPM® Momentum II BTB (back-to-back) configurable stencil MPM printer allows dual-lane processing for higher throughput but without increasing either line length or capital investment. The Momentum II BTB stencil printer is the most flexible printer in the Momentum II machine.

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Momentum II Printer

The MPM Momentum II is a proven, highly productive printer platform with a new set of enhanced technologies for further improvement around machine productivity, yield, ease of use, and flexibility.